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NASCI Verification Program

Background and Justification

In recent years, NASCI has collaborated with the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the Society of Pediatric Radiology (SPR) to establish appropriate training criteria for performing and interpreting cardiovascular MR and CT.  As such, NASCI leadership has identified a need for our professional society to support specialized cardiovascular imagers interested in the verification of their advanced professional skills.

In the cardiovascular imaging field, an increasing number of health care employers and hospitals require verification of cardiovascular imaging expertise for the purpose of credentialing, as well as to ensure the high quality of imaging services. Therefore, in an effort to support the advancement of the field and aid in providing quality assurance for cardiovascular imaging services provided in the United States, NASCI has developed a verification program for cardiovascular CT and cardiovascular MRI training.

The verification program is led by NASCI Past President and Credentialing Committee chair, Dr. Karen Ordovas and is supported by the NASCI board of directors and credentialing committee.

Verification Program Tracks

The verification program will include 3 tracks:

Verification Program Process

Successful candidates will submit their proof of training documentation, as defined by program requirements, to the NASCI verification committee.  After successful review of the submitted documentation, NASCI will provide the candidate with a certificate verifying appropriate training to perform and interpret cardiovascular CT, MR or both (combined verification). Please note that for applicants who are not radiologists, the requirements and level of certification is similar to SCCT level 3 and SCMR Level 2 certification.

Additional Testing

Cardiovascular imagers interested in pursuing a competency test in cardiovascular CT or cardiovascular MRI can use the NASCI verification certificate as proof of eligibility for the examination.

Verification Renewal Process

The certificate of verification has a 3-year term, following the recommendation of ACR/NASCI/SPR Practice guidelines which recommends proof of continued training and practice every 3 years. Members of NASCI, in good standing, demonstrating completion of 12 CME credits/year and proof of interpretation of 75 cases/3 years can request an updated certificate at no additional cost. All other candidates must pay an additional renewal fee.

*Please note that attendance and completion of CME credits application available at the Annual NASCI meeting could provide the needed annual CME credit for both cardiac and MRI requirements.

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Fees associated with the Verification Process

Cardiac CT verification application fees:

  • Members: $300
  • Non-members: $500

Cardiac MR verification application fees:

  • Members: $300
  • Non-members: $500

Discounted combined Cardiac CT and Cardiac MR verification application fees:

  • Members: $400
  • Non-members: $600