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NASCI Educational Grant


Any area of education related to the cardiac imaging sciences is eligible for the Education Grant Award. The project should be focus on an idea that is generalizable and would serve the field of cardiac imaging and NASCI.


Trainees, junior faculty, mid-career faculty, and senior faculty are eligible to apply. Trainees and junior faculty will require mentorship.


To be considered for this Educational Grant, the application must be applicable to one of the following areas (but not limited to):

  • Evaluation of cardiac imaging educational techniques, materials, or programs
  • Development of new and innovative curricula, educational programs or printed materials
  • Development of web-based educational and /or cardiac imaging promoting activities
  • Improvement of existing cardiac imaging education programs
  • Novel approaches to core teaching skills in cardiac imaging
  • Cardiac imaging education in low- and middle-income countries
  • Community outreach and education on cardiac imaging services


NASCI will fund USD$5,000 that may be applied to any area of grant-related expenses.

Application Process

To be considered for this Educational Grant, the application must include:

  • The proposal should be two to three pages* and contain a concise description organized into the following sections:
    • Background or Preliminary Data
    • Aims
    • Significance of Project (Hypothesis if applicable)
    • Educational Research/Educational Activities Methods
    • Budget (as detailed as possible)
    • Project timeline
    • Expected final product of the grant (for example: curriculum, on-line materials etc)
    • IRB Number, if applicable
    • Personnel (Role of each investigator must be clearly articulated and percentage contribution of each clearly described)

*References do not count towards proposal page count.

  • Applicants are required to submit a curriculum vitae
  • Applicant must commit to present the results at the annual meeting not later than 2 years after grant was awarded. Preliminary results will be presented at the NASCI meeting not later than one year the grant was awarded.
  • Applicant must commit to submit the results of the project in a form of a brief report to the NASCI journal: International Journal for Cardiovascular Imaging.  Any full publication of the results is at the discretion of the grant recipient.
  • Applications require at least one letter of support – two if the applicant is a trainee or junior faculty (within five years of training)
    • First letter of support must be from the program director (resident/fellow applicants) or Division/Section Chair/Department Chair (faculty applicants) detailing their support of the project, commitment to provide access to departmental resources where necessary, and an appropriate amount of protected time to enable completion of the proposed research.
    • Second letter of support must be from a project mentor detailing their mentoring role (if the applicant is a trainee or junior faculty).

Submission Process
Applications can be submitted by clicking this link.

Educational Grant Award Timeline:

  • Submission Deadline:  June 2, 2024
  • Award Date:  September 23, 2024
  • Project Funding Date:  October 14, 2024 (IRB required before funding, if applicable)
  • Mid-Term Presentation:  September 2025 NASCI Meeting
  • Final Presentation:  September 2026 NASCI Meeting