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NASCI 2023 Annual Meeting – Case of the Day

NASCI now offers a new and exciting opportunity for trainees and junior faculty to present a “Case of the Day” at the NASCI 2023 annual meeting. We understand that trainees and junior faculty often find it challenging to build a network of colleagues to foster their academic pursuits. By presenting a “Case of the Day” at the Annual Meeting, you can increase your visibility and expand your social and professional reach by tapping into the NASCI community – possibly finding a mentor, sponsor, or future research collaborator. Case of the Day presentations are delivered live; 7 minutes long with 3 minutes for the question & answer period. We are planning for an in-person meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, from September 9-12, 2023. The cases should focus on an important teaching point using either a rare or common diagnosis. Submissions are accepted from residents, fellows, and junior faculty who are within 3 years of appointment.

The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 3, 2023.  An example submission is below.

Example Submission

To submit a case of the day, please complete the submission form and upload a power point presentation with a few (2-4) slides that are representative of your presentation.

Trainees receive a free NASCI membership. Become a member today!

For all NASCI faculty members, please consider mentoring a trainee or junior faculty in submitting a case.