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Robert Manning 
Project Chief Engineer for the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission

Team Nepture wins the Film Interpretation Panel Competition

(U. Joseph Schoepf, MD; Anna E.H. Zavodni, MD; Vincent Ho, MD, MBA)

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bootcamp #1 – CT Techniques Lee Mitsumori, MD – Moderator 

CT, MRI, and Post-processing equipment for CV Imaging

  • Handout
Lawrence M. Boxt, MD
Cardiac and Vascular CTA Techniques  Lee Mitsumori, MD
Radiation Dose Management  Mayil S. Krishnam, MD
Bootcamp #2 – MRI Techniques Phillip M. Young, MD – Moderator 
Cardiac MRI Sequences  Gregory Kicska, MD, PhD
MR Angiography Techniques  Phillip M. Young, MD 
Cardiac Volume and Flow Measurements  Shawn  D. Teague, MD
Bootcamp #3 – Adult Clinical Cardiology Michael A. Bolen, MD – Moderator 
Cardiac and Coronary Anatomy  Kostaki G. Bis, MD  
Echocardiography for Radiologists  Michael A. Bolen, MD 
Common Cardiac Interventions/Surgeries in Adults William Stanford, MD 
Bootcamp #4 – Pediatric Clinical Cardiology Frandics P. Chan, MD, PhD – Moderator 
Segmental Analysis  Frandics P. Chan,  MD, PhD
Common Cardiac Surgeries in Children Diana M.E. Bardo, MD