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NASCI Case of the Month

The “NASCI Case of the Month” is a collaborative monthly case report publication with The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging*. These cases are visually striking radiologic examples of state-of-the-art cardiovascular imaging techniques, rare cardiovascular pathologies, as well as those cases and images that present a challenge in cardiovascular imaging.

All submissions will undergo peer-review.  Submissions should be original, and cannot contain material that has been submitted or published elsewhere. Manuscripts chosen for “NASCI Case of the Month” are published in The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging, which is listed on PubMed. These cases will also be promoted through the NASCI social media outlets, as well as archived and recognized in the “NASCI Teaching Files”.

Submission Requirements

The manuscript should highlight the key imaging findings and educational points for the case.

  • Manuscript format: Microsoft® Word Document
  • Images format: JPEG, TIFF, or PNG
  • Title
  • Author limitation: Up to 3 authors
    • One author must be a NASCI member (Member-in-Training, or dues paying member)
    • Author affiliations
    • Corresponding author must be indicated, and their correspondence email should be provided
  • Conflict of interest/disclosure
  • Word limitation: 150-200 words
    • Abstract
    • Key words
    • Case information
  • References: Up to 3 references
  • Figure: Single image (may be multi-paneled, aspect ratio of 1:1, and resolution of at least 300 dpi). The quality of the images should be excellent.

Submission Timeline

  • Submissions are only accepted during the “open call” period, which occurs from the 1st through the 7th of every month.
  • Submissions will be reviewed and authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection within 6 weeks.

Acceptance Requirements

  • If the submission is accepted, the author is required to submit a corresponding 1 slide power point file. This will be posted to NASCI’s Twitter feed to promote the article and will be featured in the NASCI Teaching Files Archive.

Rejected Manuscripts

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept multiple manuscripts for “NASCI Case of the Month”. However, that does not mean your cases lacks educational value. We would encourage all authors to consider submitting their cases to the “NASCI Teaching Files” to provide enduring educational content for everyone to enjoy and learn from.


NASCI Education Committee


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